How Can a Career Coach Partner with You?

Consulting and hiring the BEST Partner for Career Development and Bespoke Corporate Branding is POSSIBLE!

Our Top Services

Executive Job Search and Placement Tools

You can rely on Omil Career’s top-notch recruitment, consulting, and executive search services whether you’re an individual or a business seeking a particular skill or area of expertise to meet your most pressing needs.

We think that people can solve business problems. Because of this, we strive to comprehend business customs, procedures, and team dynamics and think that cultural fit is essential for an engagement to be successful.

Master's In Career Progression

Omil Careers and Staffing Services works diligently to understand the needs and goals of our clients. Specializing in all job sectors including IT, Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, NGO’s, Healthcare, Administration, Engineering, and Digital Marketing, we strive to present our clients with top-tier job application services and career services in general.

Career Changers and Progressors

We all dread or fear having to repeatedly give the same feedback to a direct report or provide guidance to a prickly boss. We even dread having the ‘return to work conversation’.

The ideal way to resolve a difficult situation is to have a difficult conversation with a certified coach. At Omil Careers, we are providing you with the tools to effectively communicate issues in order to solve them.

Our Coaches Are Categorically Broken Down into the Following Levels:



Master Coach

They are all vetted and backed by the standard industry standards but they offer something different. Mentors have vast years of experience, specializing in various areas and offer services at an affordable price point.

Master Coaches have the most experience, typically working with senior leaders and executives. We have assisted 1000+ clients over the years.